Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm way behind on posts!

I cant find the cord that connects my camera to my computer! So i have a bunch of pics stuck  in my camera!!!! So i am going to upload some pics from my old phone and my new phone and see what i can get together!
here is a funny pic of Caleb to start out!

He is three now and hilarious!  I told him to cover up!

Friday, December 16, 2011

October 2011... the second half Halloween

Starting from the top... Getting ready for Trunk or Treat at the church. Me and the boys posing together  and missing Dad who could not make it :(. The boys joined all the kids on the stage for a parade and got lost for a minute exiting the stage. Owen and I were upset but Caleb was just fine running around without us! We ran around outside to all the trunks in the parking lot TWICE! Then came inside for the cake walk which I was stressing out the entire time that only one of them would win.  Finally Owen received the second to last cupcake they had and both boys devoured only the icing of course. Next we went over to the picture room where we had our picture taken together and also had our picture taken with our friends Amanda and Taylor. Now that i think about it we never received our pictures from the photographer! rude! But I did get those two cute pictures of Owen and Taylor together. The next halloween activity was to dress up for music class. That door the boys are in front of is Jen Lees their music teacher and that is all the class in their costumes by the stairs with Jen! Owen next to Luigi is from Owen's class lining up for the school parade! Caleb and I went to watch the parade and join the class for crafts. We ran into our friends Melissa, Hannah and Page who were at the parade to watch their Dad! All of this and we still had trick or treating with Dad the next weekend! We trick or treated  the houses on our street and then drove to our friends neighborhood where we trick or treated with some friends we ran into and ended at another friends donut party! Very busy and I know i am leaving stuff out but that will have to do! 

October.. the first half...playing outside and Owens 5TH!

October in Vegas is still warm enough to play outside in shorts and if your Owen and Caleb no shoes either. Owen turned 5 October 7th, he planed the entire party himself. He chose an airplane theme including a red airplane cake made by me ( i thought it was terrible, the kids loved it), painting airplanes, flying paper airplanes and a couple other airplane games. Owen is the sweetest boy ever. He tells me he loves me all the time.
Things about Owen

He always wears shorts and short sleeves unless it is literally freezing, about 45 and under or if I make him wear pants but I usually don't
He tries really hard to share with his little brother and he is super polite.
He loves to tease his brother but cries if he is teased (sensitive) and Caleb can dish it out!
He is has an opinion about his clothes and has a few favorite t shirts and gets very upset if they are all dirty and he has to wear something else.
His favorite church outfit is a white short sleeve shirt with a tie that matches Dads tie and shorts!
He only lets me style his hair if i tell him he will look like Dad.
He just recently switched from a peanut butter honey favorite sandwich to loving ham and cheese with a little ranch.
He loves his top bunk bed and freaks out if Caleb tries to climb up.
Almost everyday he comes home from school with a picture that says MOM and OWEN and has a little heart.
He LOVES angry birds and frisbee on the ipad.
He gets to ride the bus to school which he really enjoys, his bus drivers are Bruce and RiCADO not RiCARDO , he always corrects me.
He thinks he is being funny by banana peel on the floor hoping someone will slip on it!
He knows his way around Vegas very well, he is extremely good with directions and always makes sure I know where to turn!
He is my backseat driver... always tells me how to drive and to be carful when Im driving.
This year he finally went up with the primary to sing, he was always to nervous in the past, He even gave is very first talk in primary sharing time and did a very good job. (Last year he put his down and screamed in my lap when they called him up)
He has started being really sneaky and will lie if I catch him. But he is a terrible liar and always starts laughing and smiling.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Soccer season just ended for Owen. This is the first time he was interested and excited to play a team sport. Every time he scored a goal he would hold up his fingers and show us how many he had scored. He seems very competitive, I wonder where he got that from?

Swim lessons

Owen loved it! Both boys were little fishies this past summer. Caleb has no fear and would run and jump in without a life jacket thinking he can swim! Owen is getting to be really good.  Its November and every time we pass the pool they ask when it will be open again! But when its 80 degrees nov 1st you kind of feel like swimming still!

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